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Kentucky has implemented a web browser-based data system to collect enrollment, completion and placement data for technical education students. The Technical Education Database System (TEDS) is the official repository of data for accountability reporting for all schools receiving Perkins funds.

Throughout the year, training sessions are held across the state to familiarize school personnel with the system and provide information and training to assist them in accurately entering student data into the system. On-site technical assistance visits and consultations by phone and e-mail are provided.

Data may be transferred electronically from the institution’s data system into TEDS. The Kentucky Department of Education is programming their database to permit the electronic transfer of data from their STI database to TEDS.

TEDS allows schools to collect student data and generate reports to assist the schools with program planning and assessment. Schools have access to individual statistics regarding enrollment, program completion, and placement into business and industry. An agreement has been made to obtain employment data through an exchange of information with unemployment insurance. However, the student must be contacted to determine if the students are employed in the area trained, related to training, or unrelated. Employers of former students are surveyed to determine the quality and effectiveness of the technical education program.

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