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2011 SkillsUSA Kentucky Award Winners
(Leadership and Skills competitive events)

2011 SkillsUSA Kentucky State Leadership Conference
and Skills Championship Registration Guide

2011 SkillsUSA Kentucky State Leadership Conference
and Skills Championship

2010-2011 SkillsUSA Kentucky State Calendar

2010 KLTI Information Packet

2010-2011 Theme
SkillsUSA: Champions at Work
Respecting All Perspectives

The topic to be addressed by contestants in the Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board contests is how our slogan, SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, relates to our national program of work in the area of Professional Development.

 Within this topic, contestants might illustrate or discuss any of the following:

  • How SkillsUSA’s professional development opportunities respect and value cultural differences to optimize personal and team success in the workplace.

  • How members value different talents/skills to achieve common goals in competition and within the community.

  • How students use collaboration and cooperation to achieve team success inside and outside the classroom.

  • How SkillsUSA values inclusion and diversity in decision making and problem solving by teaching students to process all perspectives in a respectful and productive manner.

  • How involvement in SkillsUSA creates a global awareness that broadens the horizons of students to foster an open-minded approach to learning.

  • How SkillsUSA ideals support an understanding of generational differences in the workplace to merge existing practices with new technology and ideas.

  • How SkillsUSA championships emphasize an appreciation of individual skills to strengthen team efforts and successes.

  • How members build a respect for lifelong learning through quality education, competition, professional opportunities, and volunteerism.

  • How SkillsUSA championships and activities promote innovative thinking to achieve personal and professional growth.

  • How the dynamics of SkillsUSA programs and championships challenge individuals to adapt and achieve flexibility in various workplace situations.

  • How SkillsUSA activities teach students the value of self-responsibility and the use of courage and candor to support team efforts in a helpful and productive way.

  • How SkillsUSA creates an awareness of environmentally conscious industry practices that empower students to employ safe and sustainable work habits and ideals.


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